Cropredy Bridge Newsletter – April 13

SpencerHazeCropredyFFAn alternative hero: Spencer Haze
First, however, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our staunchest supporter: the cool, inimitable and very famous Spencer Haze, a perfectly ‘human’ hero from the  ‘70s created by James Ruppert, and whose adventures are peppered by the use of a fast Jensen FF. Award-winning cartoon character Spencer Haze with his sideburns and Cuba heels is to feature in our advertising campaigns, posters, straplines and website. Like the fast Jensens of the Seventies, Spencer is unique, daring and dashing. He may never need restoration at Cropredy Bridge, but it is of the same age as our business, and inspired by the same spirit.

FF Galore
As most of you will know, just 320 Jensen FFs were made during a five-year period (1966-1971). Allowing for the inevitable losses over the last forty years, it is a remarkable coincidence that THREE FFs are being worked on at Cropredy Bridge workshops, with a fourth one joining the others soon. One of the FFs is the object of a full, ground-up restoration: after a visit to our trusty colleagues at SPL and the obligatory acid bath, the stripped and cleaned MKI rolling shell with its fully rebuilt engine (fuel injection, manifold, exhaust, etc.. all new from the rocker covers on) may be the perfect Cropredy Bridge business card when it is displayed at the NEC Classic Car Show at the end of this year. It will also sport a brand new supercharger…
We are carrying out routine servicing for a MKII FF we know well, having looked after it for many years. There is little wrong with it and it may well be sent to a showroom in Kensington after we release it with a clean bill of health.
Servicing the third, MKIII FF has culminated in its gearbox being rebuilt.
The fourth FF we are eagerly awaiting is from a brand new customer, and no ordinary FF: it is a Vignale (therefore one of the earlier versions), for which we shall run a full report and carry out servicing.


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