Cropredy Bridge Newsletter – Nov 13

Ginger_Baker_FF_smIt’s all about FF again
We don’t know whether the sudden craze about Jensen FFs may be due to the sheer rarity of the model, its futuristic (at the time) layout or the fact that James Bond shuns the DB5 in the Jensen FF’s favour, in the latest published 007 novel, ‘Solo’. All we know is that it is a privilege to work on, and have a role in protecting and restoring history: we are working on a Mk3 FF’s gearbox at the moment. As it is one of only 15 ever produced, it brings home the reality of Cropredy Bridge’s contribution to ensuring that the Jensen marque lives on… and changes gears even better.

From Harrogate, with love 
We spent some time with a couple who are keen to have their much-loved Mk2 Jensen Interceptor looked after. They come from Harrogate and their car is just a little tired, and in need of our famous TLC. It will need a re-spray, but any other possible niggles will be highlighted in the fully-comprehensive report we are running on the model. We are also putting together reports on another two models which have been left in our care this month.

Better safe than sorry
In fact, our Cropredy Bridge full report is something worth considering once you have made the decision to invest some time and effort in your Jensen: it runs into 12 pages, and covers everything, from the interior to the exterior, mechanics and electrics, compression and oil pressure tests on any of the Jensen models. It is a detailed, and fully itemised commentary of our findings on your car. You can use our report as the basis upon which to choose what work, if any, ought to be carried out on your car. It takes us two solid days to carry out a full inspection and produce the report, and at £400 plus VAT, that option is, in our opinion, money well spent.

Green with envy
Have you caught sight of the green convertible Interceptor that’s been in ‘residence’ here at Cropredy Bridge for the last two months? The car is a 1975 left-hooker, American specs, double bumpers, and a possible option for those who will use their new Jensen purchase in Europe. It will be up for sale soon (there are rumours that its price tag is around £45k).

Buying a Jensen?
You may wish to know that, at the latest NEC Classic Motor Show, someone bought a Mk3 Interceptor saloon for £75k. Yes, it is a respectable amount of money, but it goes to show that Jensen values are far from heading downwards. Are you looking into a good, solid investment? If you are a Jensen fan, come and talk to us: if we don’t have the model of your choice, we know where to find one.

Bits and ‘Bobs’
Bob Cherry knows a thing or two about Jensen, having been involved with Cropredy Bridge Garage since its inception. He also knows a lot about Jensen parts. You may be forgiven for believing that some parts, obsolete and forgotten, may never be available again. But you would be wrong: two weeks ago, Bob found a differential bit for a Jensen Healey’s customer. It was a pin for the rear axle, and the buyer had all but given up on ever finding the right part.
Come to Cropredy Bridge’s Aladdin’s Cave and be amazed… the pin was found, and whilst its price was minimal, the joy of sourcing one was rather bigger.
We have a vast range of parts, from difficult-to-locate pins to C-V8 door handles. You are just one phone call away from finding the part you need.

Future plans
We intend to have a Parts’ Arsenal ‘Special Week’ from next month, and list the rare and unusual items on our website. Watch this space. Or give us a call.

October and November:  Jensen at auctions
A 1967 Jensen FF MkI (chassis 119/015) bodied by Italian design house Vignale was sold for £27,140 in October. The car was quite unusual, because one of the previous owners was Ian Hill, bassist in the Judas Priest band. If, instead of being on offer at Ascot, the car had been for sale somewhere else, more ‘heavy metal’, what kind of price would it have achieved? It was an exceptionally good price to pay for something which is only going to increase in value and desirability.
H&H offered a C-V8 MkIII (chassis 104/12231) at Buxton; the car had been kept, unused, in the garage for 13 years, but was fresh back from a total restoration. Yet, against an estimate of £22k/£26k, it only reached £20,500. During the same auction, an Interceptor Mk2 (chassis 123/4137) with just 50,000m on the clock and beautifully preserved remained unsold, against a very fair and conservative estimate of £16k/£18k. It did not reach the reserve.
The most recent sale is that of an Interceptor MkI, chassis 115/3057, offered at Silverstone Auctions (NEC, Birmingham sale). The car was registered in 1968 in Wolverhampton and completely restored in 2010. All paperwork was immaculate, and it included even the original Jensen factory inspection sheet. It sold for a very well deserved £28,750.

Yes, we have gone international again: double spread news from the UK covered by Automobilismo d’Epoca, the poshest magazine in Italy, a country notorious for being car-mad; the Italians are classic car connoisseurs, after all. Only a supermodel could grace the bonnet of one of our Jensen Interceptors, and Harriadnie Beau was the perfect choice. If you don’t speak Italian…: the copy does mention the international acclaim and attention that the Jensen FF is enjoying since the launch of the latest 007 novel, ‘Solo’, and how Cropredy Bridge is THE centre of excellence for all things Jensen.

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