Cropredy Bridge Newsletter – Jan 2016

As 2016 begins here at Cropredy Bridge, we’ve taken a brief look back at a busy twelve months which has seen sales cars come and go along with major and minor restorations taking place. Our main focus though as ever, is moving forward and planning for 2016.

One of the most significant restorations of 2015 has been that of the Ex-Eric Morecambe Interceptor MK1. The client brought this car to us and wanted it returned to its former glory. As with many projects, the full scale of the work required to do the car justice wasn’t revealed until we got under the ‘skin’. Substantial structural work was required which raises the issue of originality. IMG_0007
We feel that one of the most important factors when it comes to restoring cars no matter what their history, is to maintain as much originality and integrity as possible. Triggers broom is no longer original after it has had two new heads and one new handle.
With this in mind we set about painstakingly rebuilding the car to give it an original feel.
We’re very proud of the work that we do with Jensen cars and this one is no exception.

Cropredy Alloy Wheels
Alongside preserving the old we also want to keep pushing forward with the new. We’ve been working with a loyal customer and local engineering firm to develop the Cropredy 17” wheel. llllll

We wanted to create a 17” wheel which had an OE feel to it as opposed to some aftermarket wheels which can have an accessory shop look to them.
With a machined face and custom painted ‘webs’ the wheel has original sized apertures between the spokes. This combination of contemporary meets original works superbly on the Interceptor and allows fitment of a wide range of 17” high performance tyres to boost mechanical grip.

The Cropredy Interceptor
As a company we’ve always been proud to be at the forefront of development and restoration of Jensen cars. From building the early Interceptor R to performing restorations for Middle Eastern royalty, we strive to better each and every process and product that we produce.
With the rise in Jensen values due to the expansion of the classic car market, it no longer seems relevant to modify the Interceptor beyond what is recognisable. We’re not purists but we feel that as the car was so far ahead of its time, the Interceptor can be enjoyed and driven with peace of mind in its standard form. If required, we can offer a selection of sympathetic modifications which are discreet and do not change the original personality of the car. This means that values (and the ability to appreciate thereof) are still maintained.

With this in mind we have conceived the Cropredy Interceptor. We are now taking orders for our full bare metal, nut and bolt builds where you can choose your paint and leather work to suit your tastes. This is not a restoration but an opportunity to buy a factory finished product.

To ensure the authenticity and safeguard the future value, each car comes with its build spec certificate, photographic restoration book and numbered dash plaque.

For information on pricing and finance options, contact us on 01295 758 159 or email us;

Buying with your eyes open
A classic car is an emotive thing and something which you may have worked very hard for. It’s very easy to let emotion creep into the buying process. Whilst this is no bad thing as the purchase experience should be something to be enjoyed, there is still an argument for the old adage of ‘buyer beware’. This is none more prevalent when emotion is involved and potentially clouding judgement.
The reason for this message is that in the last quarter of 2015 and with the classic car market on a seemingly endless upward parabola, we came across several new customers who have come to us for work to be carried out on their ‘new’ cars, only to discover that they have bought an awful lot more than they had bargained for (and not in a good way!).
It’s no secret that classic cars can hide unforeseen problems and the Jensen Interceptor is no exception. The sections that we see suffering from corrosion the most are the side member sills. Not only are these very costly to repair and replace, but they are a major structural part and defects here have serious effects on the integrity of the car. Without a correct, professional inspection this fault can go unnoticed along with numerous other matters that need addressing.
We are not trying to scare potential purchasers into paying for professional inspections,  we would however, if you do have concerns over a car urge you to simply ask. Over the years we have seen a huge number of Jensen cars go through our hands both as sales and restoration cars. As a result we are well placed to answer any questions and give any advice all for the price of a phone call.
There are few better purchases out there at present than an Interceptor and be it for investment or enjoyment, we urge you to be aware. With that awareness, you will end up with a car that is perfect for you.