Our History

Back in 1972, when Jensen Motors – under American company Qvale – was still a viable concern with a healthy range of products, Cropredy Bridge Cars was set up in rural Oxfordshire, to service and maintain both current and older cars. All models were catered for from Interceptors (convertible, SP and coupé variants) to the rare FF, as well as Jensen-Healeys, 541s and C-V8s.

Its predominant business in the early days was the maintenance and servicing of these Jensen’s which required skills, knowledge and access to parts and tools. As the business grew throughout the 80’s and 90’s it thrived as Jensen owners fully appreciated the stability of one point of contact and centre of expertise; Oxfordshire is centrally located and easy to reach from anywhere in the UK, and despite the blows to the marque and its production potential (Jensen Motors ceased trading in 1976), Cropredy Bridge Cars has gone from strength to strength.

From Servicing and Maintenance to Restoration

Over the years, straight servicing and maintenance has developed into restoration and overhaul projects, as well as part manufacturing and sourcing. The parts ordering service is simple and fast, with Cropredy Bridge experts on hand to talk things through and offer any necessary advice. Cropredy Bridge has the best links, connections and relationship with all things Jensen, and is a limitless source of information for Jensen enthusiasts, in the UK as well as abroad.

The Team

The team here at Cropredy Bridge consists of well over a century’s worth of experience when it comes to Jensen cars. Their collective enthusiasm and working knowledge shows in every car that leaves the workshop. With a view to ensuring that the relevant skills are kept alive we are focussed on investing in our younger employees and apprentices. From the companies owners and investors to our newest employees, classic car ownership and automotive passion is weaved inextricably through our fabric both as enthusiasts and as an organisation.

The ‘new’ fully restored authentic Interceptors are the brain child of Cropredy’s Managing Director, Matthew Guilliard-Watts. After taking over the reins at Cropredy in 2013 and streamlining the business, Matthew’s passion for the Interceptor has manifested itself in the offering of cars which are being fully restored to bespoke customer specifications. Matthew says “The Interceptor is a truly iconic car and because they were ahead of their time at launch, they’re still relevant as a fast, comfortable GT car in today’s world.” He goes on to say “Protecting the customers investment is important and by not only producing the highest standard of restoration, we’re maintaining the original integrity and in turn, value of the cars.”