Cropredy Bridge…

Since the closure of Jensen Motors in 1976, Cropredy Bridge has remained the go-to destination for Jensen owners. Over the decades, we have established ourselves as the foremost authority on the legendary Interceptor and its predecessors. Today, we continue to be the first port of call for anyone with a connection to these iconic vehicles.

Our History

Cropredy Bridge Garage was originally established in rural Oxfordshire during the time when Jensen Motors was still producing new Interceptors. At the outset, the business provided service and maintenance for both contemporary and vintage Jensen vehicles.

However, Cropredy Bridge quickly made the strategic decision to specialize in the Interceptor and the rare and highly sought-after four-wheel-drive FF models, while still catering to all Jensen models.

The business continued to flourish throughout the 1980s and 90s as Jensen owners discovered the UK’s leading Jensen experts. During this time, the Interceptor transitioned from an aging luxury GT to a widely beloved classic, a trend that has picked up momentum in recent years as the value of the Interceptor finally catches up to its traditional rivals.

In more recent times, Cropredy Bridge has invested in new in-house trim and storage facilities, demonstrating a commitment to providing end-to-end services for all aspects of restoration, repair, and even bespoke builds. Our central location in Oxfordshire, just 3 miles from the M40 motorway, makes it easy to reach us from anywhere in the UK, allowing Cropredy Bridge to continue thriving.

Our Team

The Cropredy team boasts over a century’s worth of combined experience with Jensen cars. Their passion and extensive working knowledge are evident in every vehicle that leaves our workshop.

To preserve these skills and ensure their longevity, we invest in our younger employees and apprentices. From our owners and investors to our newest team members, classic car ownership and automotive enthusiasm are integral to our identity as individuals and as an organisation.