Cropredy Bridge…

…has been the most important name for Jensen owners throughout the decades since Jensen Motors ceased trading in 1976.
All these years later, we’re still the first place to go for anyone with a connection to the legendary Interceptor and its predecessors.

Our History

Cropredy Bridge Garage, as it was then, was set up in rural Oxfordshire back when Jensen Motors was still making new Interceptors. The business then offered service and maintenance for both current and older Jensen cars.

From the first, Cropredy Bridge elected to focus on Interceptors and the rare and extremely sought after four-wheel-drive FF, though all Jensen models were catered for.

The business grew and then thrived throughout the 1980s and 90s, as Jensen owners got to know the UK’s primary centre of Jensen expertise. Meanwhile, the Interceptor made the transition from ageing luxury GT to widely adored classic, a phase which has gathered momentum in recent years with values finally climbing to reflect those of the Interceptor’s traditional rivals.

In recent years, investment in new in-house trim and storage facilities has reflected a commitment to offer an end-to-end service for all aspects of restoration, repair and even bespoke builds. Our central location in Oxfordshire – just 3 miles from the M40 motorway – is easy to reach from anywhere in the UK, helping Cropredy Bridge to continue going from strength to strength.

Our Team

The Cropredy team consists of well over a century’s worth of experience with Jensen cars. Their collective enthusiasm and working knowledge shows in every car that leaves the workshop.

With a view to ensuring that the relevant skills are kept alive we invest in our younger employees and apprentices. From the company’s owners and investors to our newest employees, classic car ownership and automotive passion is weaved inextricably through our fabric both as individuals and as an organisation.

Our Ethos


The Interceptor CB is our flagship. It’s the answer to a very simple question: what is the best an Interceptor can become?
This unique machine takes on all we’ve learned in more than four decades as the world’s best-known Jensen specialist.

Every proven upgrade to ride comfort, interior luxury and style, exterior finish, efficiency, mechanical dependability and safety comes as standard. So do a host of other improvements to connectivity, convenience and performance.


Exclusivity & Options*

Luxury Trim

  • Bespoke Interior
  • Leather Dash Top
  • Leather Upper Environment
  • Alcantara Headlining
  • Wilton Carpets/Leather Edged
  • Wood Veneer or Leather Centre Console
  • Individual stitching options


  • Electronic Ignition
  • Hi-Capacity Cooling Fans
  • High Powered Alternator
  • Period Look Bluetooth Radio with Upgraded Speakers
  • Double Dip LED Headlamps
  • Remote Central locking

Braking and Handling

  • New High Performance Aluminium Brake Calipers
  • Larger drilled and vented discs
  • Uprated Adjustable Shock Absorbers
  • Independent Rear Suspension*
  • ABS & Traction Control*
  • Electronic steering*


  • Aluminium Radiator
  • High-Torque Starter Motor
  • Tuned Carburettor (Aluminium inlet manifold)
  • Stainless Exhaust Manifold
  • Up-rated A/C
  • New HEMI efi engine option*
  • 6-speed auto gearbox option*

Individual & Limited

Make An Enquiry

The end result is a classic Grand Tourer with all the old-car foibles removed but every bit of character left intact.
Whether it’s the sheer comfort of the fresh leather in the cabin created by our on-site trim shop, or the sophistication of the acoustic soundproofing and concealed modern audio system, you’ll want the journey to go on and on.

After all, your Interceptor CB will be exactly the car you wish for – no compromise is necessary.
As fits the highest standards of development and build, we include a full warranty and a ‘collect and deliver’ service package with each Interceptor CB*.

We are offering up to four build slots per year. Call 01295 758444 to discuss availability or enquire below.

* Terms apply.

Our CEO, Matthew Guilliard-Watts took over the reins at Cropredy in 2013 to streamline and grow the business. Matthew’s passion for the Interceptor has manifested itself in his move to offer cars that are fully tailored to customer specifications – see the Interceptor CB.

Matthew says “The Interceptor is a truly iconic car and because they were ahead of their time at launch, they’re still relevant today as a fast, comfortable, classic GT car.”

“Protecting our customers’ investment is important and by hitting the highest standards of restoration, we’re maintaining the original integrity and value of these rare, special cars.”

In April 2018 the company was awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification by BSI. This demonstrates years of hard work to strengthen our position in the market and provide outstanding customer service to all of our valued clients.