Jensen Classic Cars Restoration

On-site Specialist Paint STUDIO

Cropredy Bridge has become a byword for quality over the last fifty years. Specialising in all aspects of Jensen Motor Cars, 2022 has seen us expand our skilled offering to other marques.

We wanted to be in full control of the quality and that meant investing in not only the highest skilled people but making sure that we can keep those skills going for the next fifty years.

The Studio


Whether you need to fix a single panel or complete an entire restoration project, our team can help.

So often, the final finish can tell you so much about the quality of work underneath it.

We want the best, deepest and cleanest finish that you can have. That means making sure the finish not only stands out under bright lights, but that it doesn't dull over time.

Layers, lacquers, polish and hard work go into every sweeping pass of the spray gun in our paint booth.


Not only do we ensure that we use original paint codes we can also cater for special requests.

Our new PPG computerised paint system can match and reproduce any colour you choose.

Devilish Details

If you can see it, we can make it. Custom designs on custom colours give you the ability to create the ultimate in personalisation using our paint shop.

The quality, comes as standard.

12 Months Warranty

Regardless of the scale of the work, every project is carried out to the exacting standards that have kept Cropredy Bridge at the forefront of all things Jensen for over 40 years. Fully ISO 9001:2015 certified, every restoration is meticulously digitally documented and photographed with bespoke software ensuring efficient and thorough communication throughout the restoration process for both local and global clients.

Our unique skillset has seen us trusted with the restoration and, where applicable, preservation of some of the rarest Jensen models. Our hard earned knowledge of the intricacies of these special machines has made us the trusted experts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Despite the range of services offered, the aim is always the same: to make your Jensen exactly the car you want it to be. All work is carried out with a 12-month warranty.

• ISO 9001:2015 Certified
• 12-Months Warranty
• Digitally Documented