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Regular servicing is a must for your Jensen. We offer servicing and MOT including a pickup and collection service. Our technicians handle all mechanical requirements for every Jensen model. From routine servicing to full engine rebuilds, seasonal check-ups and more, we are the one-stop shop for all your mechanical needs. Contact us today on 01295 758 444 or sales@cropredybridge.com and we'll be happy to help.


Whether you drive a little or a lot, keeping your oil in top condition will maintain the longevity of your engine.

Drive in and enjoy a coffee and a catch up while you wait for us to do the dirty work. 


The manifold gaskets need to be checked regularly and should they need replacing, the heads will need skimming.

Call on our experience to make sure you keep things in perfect running order.


Check for leaks. While they can and do happen you need to keep an eye on your fluids.

If it is a little more than a leak, get in touch. The last thing we want you to have is a bigger issue. 


Although hard wearing, check to make sure that wood dash and trim isn't beginning to delaminate. Have our technicians look at any areas of concern.

The leather too can wear over time but there are ways to keep it fresher for longer. Just ask us to help.


Our upgrades tailor the perfect Interceptor for you. Whether you want original factory specification or upgrades to suit your style, we have the facilities here for you. Exterior colour, trim and interiors as well as mechanical and structural refreshing or build can be done here. Whatever your Jensen needs or whatever your wish desires, we make it happen.


Under restoration, we perform a full bare-metal bodyshell strip before it is rebuilt, chemically dipped and e-coated for a longer rust free time.


Engine rebuilds and modifications can give improved cooling, a high-torque starter motor and a tuned carburettor.

Further options are available. Call for details.


Refreshing your interior space, where you spend most of your time, is a luxury not to be underestimated.

New hide seats and dashboard or alcantara headlining can make the world of difference.


The things you touch, those tactile moments, can mean the world.

There is a big difference between milled aluminium and chromed plastic. Come in and see for yourself.

12 Months Warranty

Regardless of the scale of the work, every project is carried out to the exacting standards that have kept Cropredy Bridge at the forefront of all things Jensen for over 40 years. Fully ISO 9001:2015 certified, every restoration is meticulously digitally documented and photographed with bespoke software ensuring efficient and thorough communication throughout the restoration process for both local and global clients.

Our unique skillset has seen us trusted with the restoration and, where applicable, preservation of some of the rarest Jensen models. Our hard earned knowledge of the intricacies of these special machines has made us the trusted experts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Despite the range of services offered, the aim is always the same: to make your Jensen exactly the car you want it to be. All work is carried out with a 12-month warranty.

• ISO 9001:2015 Certified
• 12-Months Warranty
• Digitally Documented


The Interceptor was and in our eyes, still is, one of the best British GT cars ever built. The looks, the anglo-Italian designs and that American soundtrack deserve to be retained.

That is why we always have been exclusively Jensen.



Having tested and developed sympathetic and reversible upgrade packages, we know exactly how to improve the reliability and performance of your Jensen.

We offer engine, suspension, braking, gearbox, cooling and electrical upgrades – contact us for more information below.

From component replacements through to complete upgrades, contact us to discuss your needs on 01295 758 444 or enquire below for more information: