The Future is Bright

The Future is Bright

Chrome on your car can add a real shine. Or it can be its downfall. The technical term is bright work. In time, it can dull, become pitted by corrosion or end up misaligned. We can help refresh it. Straightening, replacing or re-chroming can make a big difference.

For many of us, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our gleaming, shiny Jensen after weu2019ve given it a really good clean and polish. The sun glinting off our hard labour as we stand back and admire both the car and the handiwork, is all part of the ownership experience.nnOver time, the arch enemy of those really bight bits, oxidisation, can occur.nnThe patina and rust can set in. Spots form and no matter how well you clean polish and dry them, the shine can become mottled. Over time, it will need replacing. While original parts can be sourced some cheaper modern alternatives may add a shine but are not correct in size and shape.n

polished chrome on a jensen interceptor by cropredy bridge cars

Cropredy has spent nearly fifty years working on Jensen cars and our knowledge and experience makes the difference.nnThe first thing to do is to quantify the severity of any spots. Rust can and will happen and if it is severe, you have two choices. One, replace the worst affected parts or two, have the original ones re-chromed. Our technicians can advise you at our workshop if you are unsure.nnWe not only source high quality replacement parts but can fabricate and fit new chrome work. Using the best plating techniques, it means we have the capability to bring back to life the finish of your Jensen.n

Contact us today if you want to bring your Jensen back to its best.nnsales@cropredybridge.comnnOnce it is as good as it can be, you need to continue to keep it at its best with regular care and attention. As long as there is no oxidisation a simple routine of cleaning with warm and mild soapy water with a soft cloth, a rinse with cool clean water and then towel dry, will see your car shining for many happy years ahead.n