No Country for Old Men

The classic car is dead. London is taxing them into the history books. The next generation aren’t interested. Really? Adam Fischer begs to differ.

In a generation, it would seem that the automobile has gone from deliverer of freedom to cursed object. The modern automotive industry is rapidly pushing the development and production of EV propulsion. Whether that delivers the solution or is the gateway drug to an alternative source of transportation power, time will tell.

Questions abound over the true cost to the earth of ‘zero emission’ driving but there is still a lot to be desired about old fashioned mechanical cars. Adam Fischer is 26. He isn’t supposed to like old cars. Or driving.

In a forthcoming Q&A session*, Adam gives us a refreshing take on both the Jensen that inspired his own purchase as well as his appreciation of owning and driving a classic car.

“The name Jensen, it sounds very cool.”

In 2020 Adam, it still is cool.

*the full interview and images will appear in the next issue of Jensen Owners Club magazine.